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Madelaine is unique in the talent industry. She brings a level of class and sophistication that is in short supply in recruitment. Secondly, she genuinely looks at candidates as individuals and is interested in their strengths, weaknesses and larger aspirations that is more akin to being a career coach making conversations with her valuable in their own right. Thirdly, her experience and connections in the industry are exceptional and there is a great deal to be learned from working with her.

Joel Biswas
Landor London

When we're seeking sagacity, Madelaine is one of those people we speak to.

Philip Davies
MD Siegel and Gale

Madelaine is quite simply brilliant. She knows her way around the sector like nobody else, and has a real eye for genuine, stand-out talent. She's also senior, grown-up, spectacularly practical and focused on results, and comes free from all the BS that is too often associated with people in her field. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Nick Jefferson
Senior Partner IvyBridge Consulting

Madelaine's marvellous. In a world full of recruitment businesses that mistake volume for quality she's a breath of fresh air. At once both grown-up and terribly good fun, she knows everyone but is careful and wise about whom she introduces to whom. And she really does understand how creative businesses work and the peculiar world we operate in.

Nick Portet
Head of brand management Lombard Odier

Finding the individual that can 'do it' is one thing. Finding the personality that can gel, that can add a new dimension to a team is quite another. We have found the suggestions put forward by Madelaine are always thought through, reasoned and additive to the chemistry that our industry demands. We remain fundamentally about people and it is a gift to find someone who understands people so well.

Geoff Linsell
MD Moving Brands Zurich

Madelaine combines the ability to listen, understand and advise in a way that makes the complicated simple and the simple interesting. Her experience and intuition provides a robust platform to take informed decisions on talent selection and recruitment and combined with the skills to coach with a light but accomplished touch helps to support the exploration of new horizons in many and varied ways.


Madelaine is an inquisitive and intuitive talent recruiter who effortlessly coaches as she recruits. Working with Madelaine helped me uncover new directions and possibilities, not just the next role.


I've known Madelaine for quite a while now and she's someone I trust. As well as dispensing solid advice in a soft voice, her calm and sensible approach to putting people together is extremely effective. Natural empathy and sound business sense make the process seem easy, which belies the hard work she puts in. One of the good guys.

Executive Creative Director
AML Group London

Madelaine brings both wisdom and objectivity to the conversation. It is a great gift be able to challenge long-established patterns of thinking and/ or behaviour in an empathetic and yet insightful way. The conversations are always thought provoking long after the moment has passed. As with all coaching, it is up to you to accept what you discover.

Private Client

When Madelaine approached me about a rather unusual role I was a little unsure at first, but she did a great job in answering all my questions and putting my mind at rest. During the process she was highly communicative (even on holiday!) and pushed the client when needed, as well as ensuring a fair terms for both sides. She is highly skilled at putting herself in both the candidates and clients shoes - she is also very attentive and thoughtful in her aftercare