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I am a talent broker for some of the most influential people in the creative industries and client companies.

All my candidates are hand-picked, thoroughly vetted and briefed to ensure a productive introduction and avoid time wasting.

Whether creative, strategic or management, my consultative approach quickly unpicks what and who is needed within the business to make a difference. Both clients and candidates say I listen, then think and always deliver the best opportunities.

I work with large and small creative agencies in the UK, France, Spain, Australia, Canada, Singapore, USA and beyond as well as commercial companies such as University of the South Bank, Citibank, Balfour Beatty, Waitrose, Philips, Sainsburys, ITV and Dyson with whom I have worked on the development and growth of their own internal creative and innovation teams.

career coaching

I work with the most senior individuals to coach and nurture the very best from them. Usually these are people who have risen to a successful stage in their career because of their talent and personality but have never had any career guidance. I provide strong and commercially useful advice to help them to find their voice and to find ways to present themselves with wisdom and confidence and so move their careers on to new levels and in new directions.

The consultancy that I provide is as deep and assured as one would expect from someone who has worked in the creative industries for over twenty five years.

I have an MSc in Adult Development from The University of London. But more importantly, the people I work with say time and again that my coaching has been inspirational and has changed their lives.